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7955-7997 Twist Ln - Fullerton Industrial Park - Springfield, VA 22153, Fairfax County   

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7955-7997 Twist Ln - Fullerton Industrial Park Aerial Photo

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Fairfax County Demographics

Fairfax County's 1.1 million citizens are diverse and well-educated.

Fairfax County Overview Statistics

Fairfax County Population: 1,100,692
Population Within 5 Miles: 216,445
Median Age: 37.5
Foreign-born population: 30.7%
Persons age 5+ who speak a language other than English at home: 38.1%
Number of persons per household 2.8

Fairfax County Median Income

Household Income
Fairfax County: $103,100
Within 5 Miles: $100,693
United States: $50,046

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau (2010 American Community Survey one-year estimates) and 2011 Census (County Population Estimates)

For additional information and statistics, visit the U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder.
I-5 General Industrial Warehouse For Lease

Warehouse Property Address:
7955-7997 Twist Ln, Springfield, Virginia 22153, Springfield / Newington Industrial Submarket, Fairfax County

Currently Available For Lease:

Unit 7955: 7,070 SF Warehouse two drive-in bay doors and drive through capability, large office and building signage. Zoned I-5 General Industrial.
Rent / SF / Yr: $10.50 / ig; Terms & Occupancy: Negotiable

Warehouse Property Zoning Information:
Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance - I-5 General Industrial District: (For Reference Purposes Only - Not A Legal Document)
I-5 General Industrial uses permitted by right.

1.  Accessory Uses and Accessory Services:
  *  Business Service And Supply Service Establishments - Any establishment containing no more than 5000 square feet of net floor area wherein the primary occupation is the provision of services or supplies principally to the business, commercial, industrial or institutional community, but not including retail sales to the general public except as a secondary and subordinate ancillary activity. This term shall also include establishments such as catering and printing establishments which serve the general public.
  *  Child Care Centers - A structure where one (1) or more children receive care, protection and supervision on a regular basis during only part of a twenty-four (24) hour day unattended by parent or legal guardian.
  *  Eating Establishments.
  *  Garment Cleaning Establishments - Such a use may include services for cleaning pickup stations.
  *  Health Clubs, Spas, Sauna And Steam Baths, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts And Other Such Similar Facilities.
  *  Personal Service Establishments - Any building wherein the primary occupation is the repair, care of, maintenance or customizing of personal properties that are worn or carried about the person or are a physical component of the person. For the purpose of this Ordinance, personal service establishments shall include, but need not be limited to, the following:
a)  Barber shops and beauty salons, which may include a massage establishment.
b)  Establishments in which massage is administered to the upper body of a fully clothed client while seated in a chair and/or to the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and or feet.
c)  Laundries / laundromats which provide self-service type washing, drying and ironing facilities for the use of retail customers.
d)  Cleaning pickup stations, which are establishments where there is no on-site cleaning of garments, articles or goods of fabric and the use consists of drop off and pickup by customers of such articles that are sent to another location for cleaning.
e)  Pet grooming establishments.
f)  Tailors, dressmaking shops, shoe cleaning or repair shops, and other similar places of business.
  *  Prescription Establishments And The Selling Of Pharmaceutical Supplies
  *  Repair Service Establishments - Any establishment wherein the primary occupation is the repair and general service of common home appliances such as musical instruments, sewing machines, televisions and radios, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, power tools, electric razors, refrigerators and lawnmowers not exceeding five (5) horsepower; or any establishment wherein the primary occupation is interior decorating services which include reupholstering and/or the making of draperies, slipcovers and other similar articles.
  *  Retail Sales Establishments Selling Convenience Merchandise.
  *  Drive-In Financial Institutions.
  *  Fast Food Restaurants.
  *  Quick-Service Food Stores.
2.  Child Care Centers And Nursery Schools.
3.  Churches, Chapels, Temples, Synagogues And Other Such Places Of Worship.
4.  Contractor's Offices And Shops - Establishments for the installation and servicing of such items as air conditioners, electrical equipment, flooring, heating, painting, plumbing, roofing, tiling and ventilating and establishments for the planting and maintenance of gardens, grounds and yards such as landscape contractors and lawn maintenance services. Such establishment shall not include retail sales to the general public except as a subordinate ancillary activity and display area accessible to the general public shall be limited to the lesser of either ten (10) percent of the gross floor area of the establishment or 1000 square feet.
5.  Crematory, Human Or Animal.
6.  Establishments For Printing Of Any Size, Production, Processing, Assembly, Manufacturing, Compounding, Preparation, Cleaning, Servicing, Testing, Repair Or Storage Of Materials, Goods Or Products, And Associated Retail Sales.
7.  Establishments For Scientific Research, Development And Training.
8.  Financial Institutions.
9.  Funeral Homes.
10.  Heavy Equipment And Specialized Vehicle Sale, Rental And Service Establishments - Buildings and premises for the sale, rental and servicing of trucks of the following vehicle types:
  *  Trucks, other than those allowed as a truck rental establishment or vehicle sale, rental and ancillary service establishment;
  *  Farm and construction machinery or equipment;
  *  Buses, and vans designed primarily for the transportation of ten (10) or more passengers;
  *  Motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers and boats of any size;
  *  Mobile homes.
11.  Kennels.
12.  Light Public Utility Uses (Category 1), All Uses Except Radio Or Television Broadcasting Tower Facilities, Microwave Facilities, Satellite Earth Stations, And Mobile And Land Based Telecommunication Facilities.
13.  Lumber Yards And Building Material Yards To Include Rock, Sand And Gravel.
14.  Mobile And Land Based Telecommunication Facilities.
15.  Motor Freight Terminals - A building or area in which freight brought by truck is assembled and/or stored for routing and reshipment, or in which semitrailers, including tractor and/or trailer units, and other trucks are parked or stored.
16.  Motor Vehicle Storage And Impoundment Yards - An area designed for the temporary storage of wrecked and/or inoperative and/or abandoned motor vehicles.
17.  New Vehicle Storage - An area where new vehicles are parked or stored off-site from the associated vehicle sale, rental and ancillary service establishment. New vehicle storage shall be limited to new automobiles; motorcycles; sport utility vehicles; pick-up trucks; and vans.
18.  Offices - Any room, studio, clinic, suite or building wherein the primary use is the conduct of a business such as accounting, correspondence, research, editing, administration or analysis; or the conduct of a business by salesmen, sales representatives or manufacturer's representatives; or the conduct of a business by professionals such as engineers, architects, land surveyors, artists, musicians, lawyers, accountants, real estate brokers, insurance agents, certified massage therapists in accordance with Chapter 28.1 of The Code, dentists or physicians, urban planners and landscape architects. In addition, any use shall be deemed an office use which: (a) involves the administration and conduct of investigation, examination or experimentation, but which does not include the operation of laboratory facilities, pilot plants, prototype production, or the assembly, integration, testing, manufacture or production of goods and products on site; or (b) involves prototype production limited to computer software development, demographic and market research, technical or academic consulting services, and data processing facilities.
19.  Private Schools Of General Education.
20.  Private Schools Of Special Education.
21.  Public Uses.
22.  Quasi-Public Athletic Fields And Related Facilities.
23.  Recycling Centers.
24.  Storage Yards - The use of any space, whether inside or outside a building, for the storage or keeping of construction equipment, machinery, vehicles or parts thereof, boats and/or farm machinery.
25.  Truck Rental Establishments - Building and premises for the rental and ancillary minor servicing of truck, utility trailers and related items generally used by persons to move their personal and household belongings. Such trucks and trailers shall be limited to those vehicles which have only two (2) axles, which have a maximum box length of seventeen (17) feet, are no more than twelve (12) feet in height and which do not require a commercial driver's license to operate.
26.  Vehicle Light Service Establishments - Buildings and premises wherein the primary use is the sale, servicing, repair and/or installation of motor vehicle accessories, such as the following: spark plugs, batteries, distributors and distributor parts, tires, brakes, brake fluid, mufflers, tail pipes, water hoses, fan belts, light bulbs, fuses, floor mats, windshield wipers, wiperblades, grease retainers, wheel bearings, and mirrors. Vehicle light service establishments may also include greasing, lubrication and radiator flushing, minor servicing and repair of carburetors, fuel pumps, oil pumps, water pumps and lines, electrical systems, and minor motor adjustments not involving removal of the head or crankcase or racing the motor.
27.  Vehicle Major Service Establishments - Buildings and premises wherein major mechanical and body work, repair of transmissions and differentials, straightening of body parts, painting, welding or other similar work is performed on vehicles. Vehicle light service establishments may be permitted as an ancillary use.
28.  Vehicle Transportation Service Establishments - Buildings and premises for "for hire" chauffeured transportation services involving the storage and dispatch of taxicabs, limousines, executive sedans, ambulances, passenger vans, or other similar vehicles, administrative offices and the ancillary servicing and maintenance of company vehicles.
29.  Veterinary Hospitals.
30.  Warehousing And Associated Retail Establishments.
31.  Wholesale Trade Establishments.
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I-5 General Industrial Warehouse For Lease Flyer / Package I-5 General Industrial Warehouse For Lease Flyer / Package

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